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Breakroom Products and Services

Fountain Soda Service

Fountain SodaPrestige Vendors can provide full vending machine service as well as fountain soda service for your break room. This means that your employees can enjoy a steady supply of soft drinks any time they want; keeping them happy and energized.

Break-room Supplies

Break-room SuppliesSetting up a break room is a bit like planning a party. Unless all of the supplies are there, nobody wants to show up. Prestige Vending can provide you with all of the essentials to have a fully supplied, functional break room with no hassle on your part.

Water Systems

Water SystemsThe unpleasant taste of minerals in hard or unfiltered water can lead people to neglect drinking water in the workplace. Prestige Vending provides reverse osmosis water filtration systems and water stations to keep your employees hydrated and your company eco-friendly.

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