Coffee Makers and Machines

No office is complete without a way for workers to get their freshly-brewed caffeine infusion each morning! Let Prestige Vending & Coffee supply you with office coffee machines in Tucson, AZ, alongside the essentials for self-serve break room coffee.

From the beans and grounds to the service, equipment, materials and cleaning, we’re the all-in-one solution to office coffee.

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Only the Best Brands

Quality coffee makes all the difference. Prestige Vending provides a variety of gourmet coffee options including Starbucks, Folgers, Dunkin, Peet’s, Green Mountain and Seattle’s Best.

We’re proud to offer a variety of roasts and flavored coffees to meet any specific tastes or preferences.


Superior Brewing Systems

We bring you efficient, reliable office coffee makers in Tucson, AZ, to ensure there’s always a steady stream of coffee available to your workers. Our options include thermal air pot systems and single cup brewing systems, made by established leaders in coffee brewing technology. These systems are small, convenient and produce no product waste. In addition to coffee, our systems can also make tea and other hot beverages.

We not only provide top-tier coffee brewing systems, we also have water filtration systems available, to ensure every cup tastes as good as possible. Our systems use bottled water or environmentally friendly bottle-less water filtration systems.


Single-Cup Convenience

Our single cup coffee brewing systems allow each person to brew a fresh cup of coffee, tea or other beverages whenever they want, just for themselves. No more forgetting to brew a fresh pot or having to suffer through a roast you hate!

Single cup brewing systems require minimal cleaning and maintenance, making them the perfect, hassle free option. They’re ideal when space is minimal and can make perfect additions to each specific floor or department of your office building.

Get the Perfect Cup of Coffee

A good cup of coffee can go a long way in the morning! Make sure your staff has access to coffee that’s refreshing, enjoyable and available on-demand.

Contact Prestige Vending & Coffee today at 520-882-3902 to learn more about our selection of coffee makers and machines and how you can make them part of your office’s break room.

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