Full-Service Vending Machines

Vending machines are a quick and easy way to provide people with a light snack. Whether in the workplace, at school or in your facilities,Prestige Vending & Office Coffee provides top-of-the-line equipment and complete vending machine service in Tucson, AZ.

From placing machines, to stocking them, to maintenance and more, we help you offer convenient snacking options to anyone interested in them.

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Self-Serve Convenience

Full-service vending in Tucson, AZ gives people the opportunity to grab a quick snack, wherever and whenever hunger strikes. With vending machines on-site, they won’t have to leave and won’t be tempted by less-healthy options. And, thanks to our modern vending machine options, people will be able to get the items they want even if they don’t have exact change.

Using wireless remote monitoring technology, we offer payment options beyond paper bills and coins. In a world where electronic payments are expected, we provide a wide range of convenient options, including safe and secure credit card transactions. From selecting their snack to swiping their card, the whole process takes just seconds.

A Full Range of Snacking Options

More than offering a great range of healthy snacks, our vending machines are packed with brand-name favorites! From nutritious dietary options to traditional snack products, we’ve got what people want. Choose us and offer products from the following name brands.

For a broader selection, our micro markets consist of Pepperidge Farm, Clif Bar, Dole, Doritos, General Mills and many more!

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Interested in Vending Machines?

If you’re ready to bring healthy snacking options to your facilities, Prestige Vending & Office Coffee is ready to get you started.

Contact us today at 520-882-3902 to learn more about our vending machine options and the well-known brands we’re capable of bringing to your students, staff and visitors.

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