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What’s on the Menu? Vending Machine Products and Food Choices

February 15, 2014

When we picture available vending machine options, there is a tendency to think of the food choices in terms of two basic categories: salty or sweet. This typically makes vending machines an unappealing option for anybody who likes to eat healthy foods.

The dearth of healthy options is especially puzzling in this day and age. Vending machines have existed in this country for over a century, and have been modified to sell everything from candy bars to actual gold bars. Yet it is still exceedingly difficult to find one with options that don’t immediately max out your daily-recommended allotment of sodium or sugar.

This can make eating healthy particularly difficult if no other food options are presented. People who work in office complexes, individuals who work late hours or those who just don’t have time to visit a restaurant are often forced to make unhealthy food choices due to a simple lack of more nutritious options.

For as long as vending machines have been widespread, it seems strange that the food options have changed very little. If you were to look into a vending machine from 20 years ago, you would likely find very similar options to what you find in today’s machines, with the exception of some flashy, updated graphics on the packaging. Surely, as a nation, our attitudes about eating healthy have changed over the years. Yet the majority of vending machines are still stuck in the past.

Prestige Vending brings healthy snacks to vending machines

This doesn’t have to be the case. Prestige Vending is working to usher in a new school of thought when it comes to vending machine options. We are working hard to make healthy food vending in Tucson less of a novelty, and more of a practical, everyday option for healthy eaters.

We offer a wide variety of delicious, healthy food options in our vending machines. Whether you have special dietary requirements, or simply like to watch what you eat, you can be certain to find something that will match your diet and tastes in our machines. In addition to the same indulgent snacks you’ll find in regular vending machines, we also offer reduced sodium and sugar free options that taste great and will have you feeling energized and completely satisfied.

Unlike most vending machine suppliers, we don’t view our customer base as a captive market. Typically, vending machine customers just eat what’s available because there are no other options presented. We’re taking a different approach. At Prestige Vending, we stock our vending machines with options that our customers can feel proud to select. When you shop from one of our machines, you won’t have the guilt and shame of giving in to hunger and just eating whatever unhealthy snack food item was available at the time.

We know that vending machines are often an option of last resort, but that doesn’t mean that you should be forced into eating food that can be harmful to your health. We want people to feel healthy and energized, and to do that, we’re working to deliver healthy food vending to Tucson, one machine at a time.


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