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Micro Markets in Tucson are Doing Their Part to Make Things “Greener”

April 15, 2014

Environmental awareness is one of the biggest topics in modern business—companies and individuals from all walks of life are striving to be more environmentally responsible in their operations. Because of this, consumers are now also involved in green-minded thinking, which fuels the demand for more energy efficient, environmentally friendly products and businesses: it’s truly a cycle of betterment!

Because of this, some of the newest green-minded innovations are coming from the most unlikely of places—including the vending industry. It may not seem like a giant leap forward for vending machine companies and providers to go green, but in reality, the impact that’s being made is tremendous! Take a look at how green local micro markets in Tucson are upholding sustainable standards:

Single serve coffee: Coffee filters, small bags of beans and other accessories used to be major breeding grounds for waste when it came to single serve coffee. Each discarded step in the process became waste that would end up at a landfill sooner or later. Today’s single serve coffee innovations at micro markets in Tucson are far more efficient, at both producing coffee and eliminating waste. Consider this: when you pop a K-cup into an instant coffee maker and brew your cup, the only waste coming from the whole process is the leftover cup, which can be recycled!

Energy Star products: Vending machines themselves have become more environmentally friendly over the years through innovations that make operating them less energy intensive. Today, coolers and press-button vending machines are being produced to Energy Star standards, ensuring that they waste the least amount of energy possible and that operating them doesn’t put a utility strain on the location housing them! When you’re making a purchase from an Energy Star vending machine at your local micro market, you can have peace of mind in knowing that it’s as green a purchase as can be.

Recycling: It’s important to remember that there’s a company behind every micro market, which means that it’s also the duty of this company to contribute to the green practices that customers expect. Prestige Vending strives to uphold green business practices and works to always provide a more sustainable approach to vending for customers. From researching newer, greener food options to accommodate different tastes, to recycling and trusting in green business practices to operate at each and every site, we’re dedicated to a sustainable vending future.

It may not seem like you’re going out of your way to be any more environmentally conscious when choosing to get your refreshments from greener micro markets in Tucson, but the truth is, you’re making a statement about the importance of sustainable responsibility.

Every single serve cup of coffee that you purchase is another heap of coffee grounds that’s kept out of a landfill; every selection you make at an Energy Star vending machine is less energy wasted; and every time you purchase from a Prestige Vending micro market, you’re supporting a company that pursues a greener way of thinking.

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