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What’s on the Menu? Vending Machine Products and Food Choices

February 15, 2014

When we picture available vending machine options, there is a tendency to think of the food choices in terms of two basic categories: salty or sweet. This typically makes vending machines an unappealing option for anybody who likes to eat healthy foods. The dearth of healthy options is especially puzzling in this day and age. Vending machines have existed in this country for over a century, and have been modified to sell everything from candy bars to actual gold bars. Yet it is still exceedingly difficult to find one with options that don’t immediately max out your daily-recommended allotment of... View Article

Vending Machine Technology: How Do They Work?

February 1, 2014

When you’re hungry and in a rush, a vending machine in Tucson can be the most convenient option. They’re fast, they’re reliable and they’re pretty much everywhere—but have you ever wondered exactly how they actually work? It’s easy to take for granted just how complex the transaction is. This machine is capable of accepting your money, assessing its value, and dispensing your selected item. And amazingly, these machines get it right, every time. So what exactly is going on when you purchase items from a vending machine? Let’s find out. Making a payment Say you want to purchase an item... View Article

Vending Machines in Tucson are now Subject to Posting Caloric Contents of Foods

January 15, 2014

For decades there have been health crazes that have shaped the nation: the Atkins Diet, master cleanses and even starvation diets said to help people shed pounds each day. And while these crazes have come and gone—some to great effect, others largely disregarded—there are still new health and wellness trends appearing every day. The newest, a provision of ObamaCare, will impact vending machines in Tucson, as well as the people who buy from them. Starting in 2014, vending machines will have to post the caloric contents of each item contain within them—meaning every single candy bar, bagged snack or soft... View Article

10 Facts About the History of Vending Machines

November 15, 2013

Throughout history there have been thousands of useful inventions created for the daily convenience of humans. Some of these inventions have led to making life easier when it comes to paying bills or simply being able to pick up a cellphone to send a quick text—instead of messaging via Western Union Telegram! And then, there’s this thing called a vending machine. Many people are so busy on a daily basis that lunch breaks have turned into an hour of thinking about their next work deadline. Just as was the case with inventions before the vending machine, this handy machine made... View Article

Pay With Your Smartphone at Vending Machines in Tucson

November 1, 2013

Do you remember the days when you needed exact change to purchase a soda or bag of chips from a vending machine? Then, on top of having to have actual cash in your pockets for the snack, you always fell short of that single dime necessary to make a buck and ten cents. However, in recent years, America has seen an innovation of further convenience in the way that some vending machines operate by accepting credit and debit cards in place of cash. And, what if you could just wave your smartphone over a scanner on the front of a... View Article

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