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The Technology And Benefits Of Micro Markets

May 16, 2013

Micro markets pose a very beneficial prospect to vendors who are looking to get a better idea about what their consumers are buying. Indeed, micro market vending in Tucson has exploded over the past few years because researchers have discovered a very simple reason as to why these enticing point of sale options are so valuable: they teach us about the buying habits of consumers. Each time a buyer shops at a micro market, they’re using their credit card to buy foods and beverages, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities in the way of determining what people like and what they want to buy.

The technology of it all is simple: an algorithm that tracks the digital footprint of a customer throughout their entire patronage based on what things they’ve purchased and why the purchased them. All of this is fed into a database that can then be combed for patterns that represent buying habits on certain days of the week, certain locations or based on specific items. It all comes down to the question of, “ who’s buying what, where?”

Micro markets in Tucson have another distinct advantage when it comes to observing the buying habits of customers: they offer a limited selection that narrows down options and creates a smaller set of variables to comb through. With micro market vending in Tucson, you may only be observing the selling habits of three different types of cookie, whereas in a larger shop, you may have to track sales on a dozen different types—it can all be a little overwhelming if not kept in manageable quantities.

Another benefit that’s often unrealized by micro market owners is the prospect of creating add-on sales through customer loyalty. Grocery chains have loyalty cards and smaller shops have patronage deals… but what do micro markets have? The answer is that micro markets in Tucson have the added value of impulse sales that are driven by frequent buyers. Think of it this way: a patron buys something from the micro market each day, always passing up the ice cream because he knows that he doesn’t need it. One day, however, as he comes to buy his usual items, the patron decides that he deserves the ice cream that he passes up each day because he has recently been praised at work for his effort, which he feels deserves a reward. It’s a simple prospect, yet one that remains a very probable one at micro markets with high rates of return customers.

Perhaps the simplest way to drive consumerism is through a micro market in Tucson. When you narrow the list of available choices to people, keep prices low enough to be enticing and expose the same things to people on a regular basis, you begin to create patterns and train consumers to behave in a certain way. The end result is measureable data and noticeable sales: something that everyone likes to see when they’re on the moneymaking end of micro market vending in Tucson!

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