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Shedding Light on Opportunities: The Beacon Group

July 14, 2013

Many times, people with disabilities are unable to take on work in the same capacity as someone without and, unfortunately, these individuals are discounted because of it. But, simply because someone is less efficient at a task doesn’t mean that they’re invaluable. In fact, when tasked correctly and given the opportunity to succeed, disabled individuals frequently shine brighter than anyone would have expected because they’re proud to be given the chance to prove themselves. In support of working disabled persons everywhere, Prestige Vending is proud to be a supporter of The Beacon Group.

The Beacon Group, founded in 1952, provides employment opportunities for a wide variety of disabled individuals. Through specialized training programs and comprehensive job placement initiatives, The Beacon Group is able to place individuals in working situations where they’re appreciated and relied upon. Serving over 2,100 job seekers annually, The Beacon Group aims to lower the alarming 70% unemployment rate that plagues the disabled community.

Prestige Vending is proud to support The Beacon Group’s mission by providing weekly employment opportunities for participating individuals. By contracting workers from The Beacon Group to clean and service our various machines and equipment, we’re proud to help disabled workers find meaningful, rewarding work where they might not have been able to otherwise.

Prestige’s vending services in Tucson would not be complete without all of the hard work and dedication that’s put into maintaining them by workers from The Beacon Group. We share the same sense of pride as our contracted workers in knowing that where we are providing the opportunity for growth and success, our gesture is being reciprocated in the form of an excellent work ethic and high level of service that our contracted workers provide.

As a member of the food service industry, focusing on vending services in Tucson, Prestige Vending prides itself on a high level of commitment to sanitary practices and clean business operations. Our strive to maintain these superior levels of operation would not be possible without working members of The Beacon Group and we’re proud to place our reputation for clean business management in their hands.

The next time you get a cup of coffee or a quick, on-the-go snack from Prestige Vending, know that you’re supporting more than just a high level of food service—you’re also supporting the working men and women of The Beacon Group who are constantly striving to prove themselves as valuable members of the workforce. In supporting Prestige Vending, you’re also supporting the opportunities that we create for disabled workers, giving them the satisfaction of knowing that their continued hard work is being appreciated by everyone involved in Prestige—right down to the consumers themselves.

At Prestige Vending, we like to think that all jobs, big or small are equally important in the end, which is why even the smallest opportunity can make the biggest difference. We thank our Beacon Group workers for their service and our customers for helping us to support such an amazing program.

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