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Best Coffees for in the Office

September 19, 2013

Employers know that one of the easiest ways to keep workers motivated and energetic is to provide office coffee service in Tucson. Coffee provides a healthy dose of caffeine, increasing alertness and helping to get workers through their days. Office coffee service in Tucson has evolved over the years, from those antiquated percolators years ago to single cup servings allowing for a quick refill and a vast assortment of flavors. Especially with top notch companies providing better coffee than ever—like Seattle’s Best, Starbucks, and Green Mountain—employees now are hard pressed to not find the coffee of their choice. If you are new to the world of single cup coffee, you may be lost in all the options, so here are some reviews of the greatest coffees for in the office.

Seattle’s Best Medium & Balanced: Many single serve coffee reviewers agree that for the office, Seattle’s Best Medium & Balanced provides one of the greatest bangs for your buck. It has a slightly bolder flavor than you might expect from a medium blend, but stays true to its name of balanced by providing a lot of flavor without the bitterness. If you try it, expect a mild spicy note that finishes each sip, making it a perfect morning starter.

Seattle’s Best Smooth Roasted: Especially for those who rarely find themselves without a cup of java during the day, smooth roasts tend to suit all-day-long drinkers comfortably. The light and mild flavors of Seattle’s Best do not disappoint. It has soft flavor notes that won’t upset your taste buds, yet distinctively flavorful enough to not get boring. The smooth finish in particular allows this coffee to be enjoyable while not overwhelming. Even an occasional coffee drinker can enjoy this into the afternoon.

Starbucks French Roast: Starbucks addicts couldn’t have been more delighted when single cup coffee machines began offering k-cup versions of this popular brand. As one of the best sellers for office coffee service providers in Tucson, its little surprise this one receives a positive review. Critics with even the most discerning taste buds will tell you about the soft notes of dark chocolate and citrus, with a good deal of smokiness thrown in, that they experience while sipping a cup of this French roast. Starbucks French Roast is the perfect companion to breakfast and the morning news.

Green Mountain Hazelnut: With a name like that, does this coffee even need a review? This light body roast exudes nuttiness, with a serious dose of hazelnut and back notes of pecan. The nutty flavor has a certain butter quality to it that helps balance the bitter accents. While not to be sipped all day long, it would be hard to think of a better afternoon treat as the day comes to a close.  

If you’re looking for the perfect jumpstart to your day, or perhaps just a perk after lunch, it’s always a good idea to check out your office coffee service in Tucson. Whether you’re a French roast coffee lover or a medium & balanced kind of person, there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy a fresh cup of these great flavors.

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