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The Benefits of Healthy Food Vending in Schools

September 5, 2013

Did you know that almost 20% of adolescents between the ages of 12 and 19 are obese in this country? It is a real crisis that parents, health care providers, and even schools have to deal with. Further, many of that remaining 80% are over-weight, or just don’t eat healthy enough to be considered adequately nourished. It would be nice if we could all chip in and help resolve this problem, wouldn’t it? Well, healthy food vending distributors in Tucson are trying to do their part by providing schools with affordable food options and healthy snacks throughout the day. Here are just a few of the ways this benefits our students.

Better Grades: It’s no surprise that a healthy diet contributes to better academic performance. Unhealthy foods cause unhealthy minds by robbing a student’s body of vital nutrients and energy. Instead, students often intake too much sugar or too many carbs, leading to energy spikes and withdrawals that shorten attention spans and lower memory retention.

Snacking is Good: Healthy food vending in Tucson has another great benefit: it allows kids to snack throughout the day. It may come as a surprise that this actually helps students, but just think about it. Teachers complain all the time about classroom behavior before and after lunch, or towards the end of the day. The main reason for this is that students are starving before lunch, over-eat at lunchtime and end up tired afterwards, and get hungry again towards the end of the school day.

Dieticians extol the benefits of healthy snacking throughout the day to keep hunger away and prevent over-eating—and that’s just for adults! Children are constantly hungry because they are feeding a growing body. Vending options, especially when healthy, allow kids to grab a quick snack between classes. This keeps them attentive all day long and since they don’t get hunger pains anymore, they won’t over-eat when lunchtime comes around.

Health: Eating healthy food between classes isn’t just about getting good grades and keeping off hunger pains, it’s about an overall healthy life. Healthy food vending options keep Tucson’s youth at a healthy weight, provides nourishment for proper growth and development, and contributes to a healthy lifestyle. It’s easier to walk home from school when you didn’t just eat an entire cafeteria pizza, isn’t it? Healthy food can also boost immune systems, keeping more kids in their seats instead of at home in bed. As mentioned before, a healthy diet leads to a healthier mind. Healthy food vending in Tucson can assist students in achieving better grades, as well as improving overall mental health, decreasing depression or anxiety and boosting a child’s confidence. All of this equates to a stronger drive for success.

The verdict is in: Tucson students want healthy food vending options in their schools. No community wellness program is complete without school vending machines that provide affordable and healthy options, so get on it parents, it’s time for you to want healthy vending options too!

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