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Micro Markets in Tucson: The Future of Vending

October 4, 2013

Traditional vending machines are great for fulfilling a hunger on the spot or picking out a quick snack that can be eaten on the go, but what about those times when a single bag of chips isn’t enough or a candy bar just isn’t what you’re looking for? In these cases, vending machines can be very limiting—there’s a finite amount of space inside of them and they have to accommodate enough of a selection for people to choose what they most want to eat.

Because of their limiting factors, vending machines are giving way to micro markets in Tucson, especially in places with high foot traffic or a vast number of people. Micro markets make it easy to accommodate large numbers of people, without having to limit or change the number of options within a single vending machine.

Say, for example, there’s a vending machine in an office building that offers a limited selection of chips, cookies and candies… well, this vending machine isn’t going to get very much traffic if people are looking for something with more sustenance—like a sandwich or drinks.

The concept of micro markets in Tucson is simple: offer more selection than a single vending machine, without taking up much more room. The benefits of this single idea are numerous, which is why micro markets are popping up all around the country, in a vast number of places!

Where will I see micro markets?

While micro markets in Tucson are still being fully implemented into different venues, there are quite a few places where they’re proving to be very effective. Schools are one of the top places that micro markets have found a home, simply because it’s easy for educational buildings to implement these markets and encourage healthier eating habits amongst students and staff. Micro markets are also a great way for schools to make a bit of extra money because the school itself can directly garner profits from the markets.

Larger work environments are another place where the future of vending is beginning to shine through. In office buildings with more than a couple hundred employees, businesses are finding that offering micro market options to these workers is having a profound effect! Employees are leaving to go out for lunch less and less, overall employee wellness is improving and people are finding it convenient to browse the selection that a micro market offers.

Lastly, let’s not forget about public places that garner frequent patronage. Public buildings are beginning to see that there’s a great way to make some extra money in micro markets, while simultaneously offering patrons the convenience of a quick bite to eat.

The future of vending

Micro markets make for a prospective future in the world of vending. With more options, the convenience of paying by cash or card and the potential for added revenue wherever they’re installed, micro markets are making a splash more and more these days. It’s certain that micro markets in Tucson will continue to grow and serve more people sooner, rather than later.

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