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The Growing Technologies for Vending Machines in Tucson

October 18, 2013

Not so long ago in the past, vending machines were considered the pinnacle of technology for dispensing food. And, even more recently in our past, vending machines were resigned to only accepting dollar bills and quarters, with a few even accepting nickels or dimes. Today, vending machines may not be the center of technological wonder and amazement, but that doesn’t mean they’re not still making leaps and bounds into the world of modern technology and convenience.

Credit cards

One of the biggest upgrades to modern vending machines in Tucson is the ability to take credit cards. These days, vending machines are offering more items and some that come with higher costs. Rather than rely on the prospect of having a few dollars on them to enjoy a vending machine snack, people are now making use of their credit cards to purchase the snacks they want.

Aside from being a quick an easy way to pay, credit cards also open up the possibility of adding newer, better options to vending machines. Gone are the days of just candies and cakes—now, thanks to credit card processing, someone seeking a healthier option from vending machines in Tucson can now grab a tasty sandwich or the like from a vending machine near them!

Higher bills

It used to be, that vending machines in Tucson only accepted small bills and change–$1, $5 and maybe, if you were lucky, $10 bills. Today, people on the go very rarely carry small bill denominations and even if they do, it’s usually not enough to enjoy a fresh snack from a vending machine or food market—like a sandwich or healthy cracker snack. Today, it’s not uncommon to see vending machines that take smaller bills, as well as larger denominations, such as $10, $20 or even $50 bills.

Dollar Coins

Dollar coins may not be the most popular payment option in today’s modern world, but that doesn’t mean they’re not still used by people looking to make a purchase. Vending machines in Tucson have evolved to support gold dollar coin transactions, making it possible for people to pay just about any way they’d like to!

Surevend guaranteed vending technology

It may be comical to see a picture or watch a movie clip where someone’s vending machine item gets caught on its way down, leaving them with no money to spare and no snack to enjoy. It’s not so funny when it happens to you, however. Surevend technology is making vending machines more reliable than ever when it comes to delivering your snacks, allowing you to not have to worry about snacks getting caught, change being eaten and money being rejected by a vending machine you’re trying to use.

The next time you approach a vending machine with the intent to purchase a tasty, healthy snack, stop to see if it has any of the convenient technologies we’ve listed above. If you’re paying by credit card, using a bigger bill or you notice that your snack falls seamlessly into place, allowing you to enjoy it without hassle, there’s a good chance that one of these modern vending upgrades has been made.

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