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Pay With Your Smartphone at Vending Machines in Tucson

November 1, 2013

Do you remember the days when you needed exact change to purchase a soda or bag of chips from a vending machine? Then, on top of having to have actual cash in your pockets for the snack, you always fell short of that single dime necessary to make a buck and ten cents. However, in recent years, America has seen an innovation of further convenience in the way that some vending machines operate by accepting credit and debit cards in place of cash. And, what if you could just wave your smartphone over a scanner on the front of a vending machine as payment?

In a push to boost sales and to offer more on-the-go convenience, vending companies are beginning to distribute machines that now accept several different forms of payment. You can still pay with cash at many vending machines in Tucson, but most are now also equipped with the ability to scan credit cards and smartphones via a digital screen. Don’t have that one dime to get that bottle of iced tea? Do you have to have the latest iPhone? Simply give your smartphone a wave over the payment screen to pay the full amount with your saved credit card information.

What kinds of products can you buy from a vending machine these days?

If you did not question the earlier statement about having to have the latest iPhone, then you already know that you can buy much more than just sodas, water, chips, and candy from a vending machine. There are also machines that will brew you a hot and fresh cup of coffee, ones that sell complete lunch meals, and some are even stocked with the latest electronic gadgets. Some electronic products in machines can go for over a hundred dollars!

How do you pay with your smartphone?

When you shop online you check out and purchase your items through an online payment system that you have set up with your credit card information. Setting up this type of online payment makes online shopping easy and the same goes for paying with your smartphone at vending machines in Tucson. Nowadays, many credit card readers on machines are equipped to accept smartphone payments from mobile apps such as Google Wallet and others. Most vending machines do this by allowing you to simply hold your mobile device up to the built-in sensor and the machine will display a touchscreen with purchase choices, then the app submits the payment.

Who benefits from this new way of vending machine payment?

Anyone who wants the convenience of not having to carry cash for a quick purchase! This feature is a great option for the older and younger generations alike, although specific groups like college students will likely find this somewhat of a lifesaver in times when they’re in a hurry and don’t have time to dig around for spare change.

A number of vending machines on high school and college campuses are now also offering healthier alternatives to traditional food and snacks, like sandwiches, salads, and fruit, which may cost a little more than a soda or candy bar. Having the option to pay with your smartphone comes in handy when you only have a dollar and a few cents in your pocket and you’re eying up a tasty salad that’s more than just a dollar and change.

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