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Prestige Vending Partners with Three Square Market to Expand Micro Markets in Tucson

December 1, 2013

In an effort to continuously expand the possibilities of its micro markets in Tucson and provide the best in on-the-go food options to people in a number of industries, Prestige Vending is proud to announce its new partnership with Three Square Market. Through this new partnership, Prestige Vending will have the ability to offer a variety of new features and options to new and existing micro markets around the state.

What makes a micro market better?

If you’ve ever stopped by a micro market to grab lunch or even a quick snack, then the benefits of these convenient selling spaces probably hasn’t been lost on you. If you haven’t however, and are confined to transporting to get food or choosing from a few vending machine options, then a micro market is a step up! Micro markets offer an extensive variety of food, drinks, snacks and coffee to people in one convenient location—whether it’s within your own office building or right on campus at school.

Smart vending, done right

In addition to offering versatility in selection, micro markets in Tucson also offer convenience through technology. No longer do you have to save up quarters to get the snack you’re looking for—now, the future is in your technology, namely your smartphone or tablet. Three Square Market allows people to add money to virtual accounts and pay via their smartphones or tablets! What this means is a quicker, more convenient way to pay for employees, students or just passersby who have a Three Square Market account.

Three Square Market also makes creating and adding money to accounts easy. With the option to place iPads in micro markets—or even conveniently within human resources offices, where new and existing employees can create and fund their accounts with ease—this system makes functionality its top priority.

Real world convenience

It’s no secret that office employees are often forced to take a walk around their neighborhood to find food and most times, that food isn’t healthy or convenient. Even a cup of coffee can be hard to get if you’re running up quickly against a hard deadline! Three Square Markets offer a fast way for employees to get what they want—even if it’s through an office coffee service in Tucson.

Not only will the convenience of a micro market benefit an office building, the quality of food within that market will also serve to enhance the daily lives of employees. Three Square Markets are more than just candy bars and cupcakes—they also include sandwiches, healthy snacks and a variety of foods that are better for a person’s overall wellness. Say goodbye to the days where a candy bar and a soda constituted lunch and say hello to a brand new way to eat better!

As Prestige Vending continues to deliver exceptional vending options to offices, schools and other public areas, we do so with Three Square Market on our side. We’re delighted to enhance the convenience and accessibility of micro markets in Tucson together.

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